INCLUDE is a 3-year Erasmus+ European project (2019-2022) coordinated by the National Research Council of Italy aimed at developing a communal European framework for Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in secondary school that promotes, besides linguistic and disciplinary competences, also key-competences for lifelong learning suggested by the European Council, with particular reference to the digital, personal and social, citizenship and cultural awareness competences.

The mission of INCLUDE project focuses on:

  • Multiliteracy: teachers and students will realize the increasing importance of cultural and linguistic diversity.
  • Digital Literacy: enabling students to conduct research on the web or in physical space, to set strategies for research, to locate, manage and evaluate data.
  • Communication: encouraging students to use English and other foreign languages in a functional and not in a mechanic/scholastic way.
  • Collaboration: promoting team work and collaborative carrying out
  • Creativity and Innovation: urging students to explore their imagination and creative minds.
  • Autonomous Learning: teaching learners to design own pathway to process material and to decide upon which activities to perform in order to achieve the expected outcomes.
  • “Europeanity”: adopting a European perspective in the approaches of the various subject areas.

The concept of “Europeanity”, intended in an inclusive and open way – as a sense of belonging to a European community where linguistic and cultural differences are considered as a resource – is a transversal element that the project aims to value, in order to promote active citizenship and prevent populism, xenophobia and violence. The co-produced teaching materials will focus on topics that exceed the national curricula and have wider interest at a European level. They will show how many dimensions of our everyday lives are deeply penetrated by the wider “European” developments of the past, at the same time highlighting that the sense of belonging in Europe is not something accomplished and unchanged, but something that should be continuously challenged, discussed, transformed, widened. In this direction, the project aims to the experiential and energetic involvement of our students in issues of European History and Geography, Civil Rights, Arts, Literature and Science, so that they will understand various aspects of “Europeanity” and empower the sense of being INCLUDED to it.

Among the objectives of the project, there is the participative development of an open access, multimedial and interactive online platform usable by teachers to develop and share CLIL scenarios. 120 interdisciplinar scenarios will be developed within the project, 40 of which to be tested in the five European partner countries: Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Romania and Spain.